Welcome to St. Joseph Catholic School
    • Our Mission
      Valuing each student as a unique child of God, St. Joseph Catholic School is committed to academic excellence and the teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith.

      We believe it is our mission to:

      Assist parents, the primary educators, in the formation of children who will be spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially responsible.

      Integrate Catholic faith and values with learning and life in order to form citizens able to direct their talents toward building God’s kingdom.

      Provide a professional faculty and staff dedicated to upholding high standards of performance and adherence to Catholic values for themselves as well as their students.

      Respect the dignity of each student by providing a suitable, flexible plan of instruction within a sound, positive learning environment.

      Meet curriculum objectives developed at the national, state, and diocesan levels through a variety of programs covering all basic subject areas, art, music, technology, foreign language, and physical education.

      Create a safe, supportive learning environment by demonstrating compassion and mutual respect among parents, students, administration, faculty, and staff.